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27-ji ni Koi wo Sasayaite

Name: 27-ji ni Koi wo Sasayaite
Year of Release: 2008
Status: Completed,

27-ji ni Koi wo Sasayaite 8

is coming next..
Author: Tachibana Keiko
Artist: Tachibana Keiko
Genre: Yaoi
A collection of one-shot stories...

1) Fix
The colleague who Mikami, a salesman for an advertising firm, normally collaborates with for work collapsed due to a sudden illness. As a result, Mikami had to take his kouhai, Nojima, along with him while entertainig a favored customer. However, thanks to Nojima's low alcohol tolerance, Mikami had to handle the business dealings himself. After drinking heavily, Mikami acted on impulse while on their way home; on the whim of the moment, he roughly kissed Nojima...!

2) 27 Ji ni Koi wo Sasayaite

3) Campari ni Koishite!

4) Daiichi Tsugi Yokkyu

5) Koi ga Todoku Sono Mae ni

6) Soshite Emono wa Omou no datta

7) Dakara Karyudo wa Kunou Suru

8) Atogaki
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27-ji ni Koi wo Sasayaite Chapters